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The Flyboard

The Flyboard® is a cross between a wakeboard and a kite surf. This new extreme sport allows you to fly above water, to dive like a dolphin and to be the acrobat you always wanted to be. The Flyboard© gives you a feeling of weightlessness.

Imagine a wakeboard equipped with two nozzles connected to the turbine of a jet ski by a 60-foot long pipe that directs the water straight to the board.

The height you will reach will depend on the force of the Jet Ski. The force of a 130-horse power will permit you to attain 10 to 15 feet in height, whereas the force of a 250-horsepower will permit you to attain 45 feet in height.


Consult our calendar to know the dates and locations of our classes, competitions and other events!


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For your corporate event or for a product launch

Distinguish yourself by offering a Flyboard® show to all the people that showed up to your event. We will know how to lift things up!

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The Flyboard® is available to everyone above 12 years of age that wants to have a new and thrilling experience. It is very easy to use because it’s based on our intuitive inner balance concept.

With the help of our instructors, a person new to the Flyboard© will take only a few minutes to stabilize in the air. Fun guarantied on your first ride!

We offer all the following services :

  • Sale and installation
  • Supervised rental with an instructor
  • Training
  • Demos
  • Shows of all kinds
  • It is possible to rent a Flyboard© (with and instructor) for your office parties and corporate events for a 4,6 or 8 hour period!
Packages Length Price
Individual packages 15 minutes 99 $ Buy
30 minutes 169 $ Buy
45 minutes 229 $ Buy
60 minutes 269 $ Buy
Group packages 4 hours 970 $ Buy
6 hours 1450 $ Buy
8 hours 1950 $ Buy

*** Please take note that all new participants will have to take a 15-minute theory class. This class is mandatory and a fee of 50$ will be required.

A video recording is available starting at 79,99$ (more information on-site).

For more information on our prices, Contact Us.

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Our instructors are highly qualified and trained to maximize the security and peace of mind of all participants to make sure that they have as much fun as possible, that they outdo themselves, and have an unforgettable experience!

When you rent a Flyboard®, an experienced instructor is present at all times to ensure that the activity runs smoothly and to help you develop a flying agility quickly. A mandatory theory class is included with all purchases.


The two founders of Flyboard® Quebec combine their passion for extreme sports with their entrepreneurial drive by surrounding themselves with the best in the Flyboard industry.

Winners of many entrepreneurship competitions, the dynamic and determined young men successfully established this new sport in Quebec and Ontario.

Alex Barreira Chief executive


Alex Barreira, co-founder and president of Flyboard Quebec, is an amateur of thrills sensations and speed, but it does not stop him from being serious and thorough in business in order to push the boundaries of the company.

Ian Gratton


    Ian Gratton, co-founder and vice-president of Flyboard Quebec, is an expert in all types of boards; wakeboard, wakesurf, wakeskate and skateboard. His love to help people learn and outdo themselves is unconditional, and his company surely helps him achieve that.

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    Flyboard Quebec® is the executive distributor for Zapata Racing® in all of Eastern Canada. From Ontario all the way to the Maritimes crossing through Quebec, our team works relentlessly to spread the word about this unique and captivating sport. Contact us now to inquire how to become a distributor. Many locations are still available.

    You can try and buy the Flyboard® from one of our distributors. Find a distributor near you:

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    To find out more about the flyboard®;

    from its conception to its functionality

    by way of its accessibility.


    Franky Zapata, who once was a world jet-ski champion, was first known for the creation and the marketing of his own jet-skis under the brand name Zapata Racing®. Imbued with a burning desire for pushing his boundaries, he proceeded with the conception and design of the Flyboard® in 2011.

    He presented his product to the public the following autumn, along with a Youtube video that attracted 2.5 millions curious viewers in only a few days, which shows the potential and the importance of the Flyboard®. Three years later, it was distributed in more than 25 countries around the world!


    Even if the Flyboard® provides the ultimate thrill, it’s a hop, skip and a jump away! Indeed, its safe and intuitive use allows everybody, even beginners, to have fun with it even during their first ride!

    All you need to do is to find your inner balance. Within a few minutes only, and with the precious advice from our instructors, everybody can achieve it.

    The more experienced people will be able to diversify their acrobatics moves. The instructors make certain that the activity runs smoothly. To this day, 50 000 people were initiated to this product and not one accident!

    Maximum weight : 350 pounds.
    Minimum age : 12 years old.
    Restrictions : If you suffer from one of the following conditions or experience any of the following symptoms, you must consult a doctor before using the Flyboard® :

    • Cardiac or Pulmonary disease
    • Hypertension/hypotension
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Convulsions
    • Mild to severe deafness
    • Anxiety
    • Diabetes
    • Kidney disease or renal failure
    • Respiratory problems

    * All participants must sign a liability waiver before the activity.

    Airborne fun
    for one and all!

    Pleasure Guaranteed,
    Even on your first experience!

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    For any additional information concerning the Flyboard, to become and instructor or a distributor, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by phone, it will be our pleasure to answer all your questions.

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